BUG: Navigating in Perspectives with cursor keys

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BUG: Navigating in Perspectives with cursor keys

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Hello All,

This bug affects Perspectives when you navigate to Applications using cursor keys rather than a mouse. It may seem arcane but caused us a real problem when users were unable to open an app. Here is the IBM response:

"An APAR has been published for this issue PM84896 (Navigation issue in perspectives using the cursor keys), and is targetted for 10.2"

We are running TM1 9.5.2 FP2 (64-bit on server), and Excel 2007. To replicate the error:
1 Drag a cube view shortcut to an application folder and make public.
2. Also save an Excel app in the folder and make public.
3 Log in as a user that has permissions on the Excel app but doesn't have permissions on the cube view.
4 Navigate to the app shortcut using the cursor keys.
5. BUG: User cannot access the spreadsheet. TM1 correctly displays the description of the apps but incorrectly renders their icons as shortcuts when in fact they are spreadsheets.

* The bug does not affect TM1 Architect
* A user with permissions on all the application objects is not affected
* Bug disappears if you collapse the entire Applications node, then View Refresh, then re-navigate using mouse

Dear Admins - could this please be moved to the Bugs area? Many thanks, Ian
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