Specialist Essbase HW

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Specialist Essbase HW

Post by Steve Rowe »

Thought others may find this interesting...

http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/10/03 ... appliance/

Wonder if IBM are looking at a simliar thing?
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Re: Specialist Essbase HW

Post by Olivier »

This looks as impressive.
Very interesting years to come ;)
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Re: Specialist Essbase HW

Post by nick_leeson »

Sorry to hijack the post.

I loaded 7.5 million rows in HANA with 3 minutes, all our large reports are 21x times faster.

Scary thought when TM1 does not even have decent Web Front End and instead wasted time and energy on "slowformance modler".

https://www.experiencesaphana.com/commu ... lysts-view
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