CAFE - Refresh data get into loop

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CAFE - Refresh data get into loop

Post by vbobetic » Fri Sep 29, 2017 9:16 am

Hi everyone,

We have a issue that when users refresh a one big CAFE report they get into the loop (this mean that report is refreshing and refreshing but nothing happen). Still in TM1 Top we see users and their activities but this refreshing increase CPU and memory on server and Tm1 server and application server crashed.

We exclude possibility that users do not have rights because they manage refresh similar report with same user rights. This report was migrated from development environment and all setup and packages was replaced. For admin users this works fine.

Does anyone have the same issue with refreshing CAFE report and find the solution?

P.S. we are using 2010 Excel and 10.2.2. TM1 version

Thank you!

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