Manny Perez

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Manny Perez

Post by Alan Kirk »

This is probably a bit late in the day, but one member brought to my attention the fact that some of the general membership may be unaware of this.

The product that we still generally know as TM1, the core of Planning Analytics, was initially developed by Manny Perez for forecasting supply and demand of oil for Exxon during the oil crisis of 1984. At the time it was just a DOS based personal productivity tool. Come 1987, Sparsity Management was added. By 1990 the client / server model that we know today had evolved, albeit with support for Lotus 1-2-3; Excel add-ins arrived in 1993.

By 1999 most of the essence of the TM1 that we still know today had been brewed; Stargate caches, Web clients, TI, 64 bit servers, etc. By then the product was under the control of the now long-dead company Applix. How much hands on work Manny was doing by then I couldn't say but he remained the spiritual father of the product for many years.

As per this announcement he died a week ago.

Most people in the world will never have heard of him... which is equally true for most of the people who pass through the world. But some people leave larger ripples in the pond of life than the average person does. There is not one individual in this forum whose life is not markedly different from what it would have been had he not been here, and invented TM1. And generally speaking, those lives are better than they may have otherwise been.

It's a pity to have lost Manny... but a legacy of improving the lot of probably tens of thousands of people (when you factor in TM1 end users) is not a bad one to leave behind.

If you don't know him, you can get some idea of who he was from this interview that he did pre-bug.
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Re: Manny Perez

Post by Ben H »

Thanks for writing this, Alan.

For those that are interested, you can learn a lot more about Manny at this website that has been set up by his son in the last month or so:

I would encourage everyone to check out the Student Scholarship at Manny's Alma Mater Stevens Institute that has been established in his honour and will hopefully be a fantastic legacy: ... z-memorial

One thing that most didn't realise about Manny is that he spent a lot of his time and money on supporting those who needed a leg up and could really benefit from being given a chance. He did that in how he put together the initial TM1 development team around him for example and was passionate about helping struggling artists in Miami as well among many other actions and initiatives over his life. So or those that are looking for some way to give back to Manny and his family in some way, this is the best way I can imagine.
Ben Heinl, Cubewise
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