MODLR Webinar: Discover the Latest Product Updates

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MODLR Webinar: Discover the Latest Product Updates

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Hello TM1 Community,

I thought it would be worthwhile sharing about some new functionality arriving at the end of the month to the MODLR platform.

For those who are unaware of us, In 2013 I have taken my background in working with TM1 for 10+ years and decided to build a platform which is as fast and powerful as TM1 with an equivalent sparsity engine, a more functional ETL and a more flexible and maintainable cube view engine.

Since then we have hit the following milestones -
  • We have customers who have over half a billion (populated) data points in their cubes running on a 96GB cloud instance of MODLR.
  • We have customers in 13 different countries worldwide.
  • MODLR was used in the creation of a new Bank in North America, this included providing access to users from the FDIC in USA for the purpose of evaluating the model and granting a banking license.
  • We are working with a number of leading TM1 implementation partners who are offering MODLR as a cost effective alternative driving more end-user value.
  • We have proven that training TM1 people to understand MODLR is an easy step-change due to TM1 being partially the inspiration behind MODLR
Thursday, Jul 22, 2021 - 2:00 PM GMT+10

In this Webinar, hosted by Susan Doan from Servitium, a MODLR Implementation Partner, you'll witness what's in store for the latest Cloud Update of MODLR - The Corporate Performance Cloud.
  • Discover how MODLR's new report type, Cards, gives you the flexibility to design and customise your dashboards just the way you want.
  • See how the new Application Menu Editor gives you free rein over your Menu's content, structure and design - all with no code.
  • Learn how MODLR's new Migration Packaging simplifies content transfer, from transferring entire models to individual model components, such as tables and processes.
  • Discover the new Front-end Branding capabilities to make an application feel like your own.
  • Hear how with MODLR's new formula function "HASSTATICVALUE", you can override calculated values with manual inputs, enabling you to create simpler planning templates.
Where ... 279169048/
(Over a zoom webinar)

If you would like to attend but do not want to signup to Please flick me a private message here.

If you would like a specific demo of the platform you can book my time here -
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