TM1 Conference Sydney (Black Belt sessions with Manny!)

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TM1 Conference Sydney (Black Belt sessions with Manny!)

Post by Ben H » Wed Jun 16, 2010 1:36 pm

Back by popular demand, Cubewise is bringing back the Annual Asia Pacific TM1 User Conference, complete with Manny Perez himself!

While IBM has been prolific in providing the wider IBM Information Management and Cognos community with events in these areas, TM1 is usually not the focus of such events.

So based on the very positive feedback for such an event we have received from the TM1 Client base in Australia, we are putting together a solely TM1-focused, one-day event in Sydney Australia on August 25.

This will be the key event of the year for end user TM1 Administrators and Developers as well as for anyone interested in seeing (and discussing) some of the more exciting developments strategically in the product and how it applies in real life – at the coalface.

We’ve put together an agenda that is focused on providing real value to all of those that attend – everyone will go back to work with new ideas on how to use TM1 better.

Some agenda highlights:
• Manny Perez (Creator of TM1), keynote speaker: “How TM1 got to where it is now and where IBM is taking it now”
• Manny Perez: TM1 Black Belt Training: how t leverage and troubleshoot feeders (a rare opportunity for users to hear it and discuss it with the man who developed Feeders in the first place)
• Case studies in Retail: see how the largest TM1 implementations (in terms of RAM at about 200 GB on a single server) have taken shape and how to build large applications (including parallel TI loading and some of the new “Black Belt” feeder-eliminating techniques in real life)
• How to use Active Forms and Excel Beautification
• TM1 Web - how to get the most out of it
• Case study for MSS Security: TM1 for field workforce optimization
• The most valuable part of Cognos 8 for TM1 users: Cognos Connection and dashboarding – how to use it and why it is valuable
• And lots more, including a question and answer session with a panel of TM1 Gurus (including Manny Perez)

If there is one event that people from this forum should attend, this would it. Check out the full agenda and register by going to this link:
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Ben Heinl, Cubewise

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Re: TM1 Conference Sydney (Black Belt sessions with Manny!)

Post by jstrygner » Mon Jun 28, 2010 9:56 am

Sounds very interesting, but is so far away from Europe. Would be easier to convince manager if at least it would last longer than just one day :)

Does anybody know of such events to be organized in Europe (or significantly closer to Europe)?

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