Providing Hyperlinks in Drill Through in Excel

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Providing Hyperlinks in Drill Through in Excel

Post by Gentry » Mon May 17, 2010 3:39 pm


I am trying to provide a =HYPERLINK formula in my MSAS Drillthrough action so that when the detail rows are returned in Excel, they have a functional link to reference the data in the source application. Example:

=HYPERLINK("http://server/netFORUM/iweb/Forms/Dynam ... E37A808F35", "469965" )

The trouble is that Excel is interpeting the value as text, and does not evaluate the =HYPERLINK forumla when the detail rows are returned to the new worksheet. Is there a way to code the Drillthrough Action Column values so that Excel evaluates the formula on load?

My current workaround is to run an Excel Macro that visits each cell and edits (F2) and commits (Enter), which forces excel to evaluate the formula and displays a proper clickable link.

I've tried a macro on the Open_Worksheet action in Excel, however the delayed return from the OLAP query is making it difficult to process the links after the data is returned. Is there a Excel action that I can wait for to know the OLAP query results have been fully loaded?

Thanks in advance for thinking about this one.

Gentry Howard
Sr. Software Engineer

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