MDX taking ages to run - alternative solution

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Patrick Ogundipe
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MDX taking ages to run - alternative solution

Post by Patrick Ogundipe » Tue Feb 23, 2010 2:40 pm

Below is an example of MDX syntax used on our DTS, but I observed that it takes ages to complete, I want alternative way of doing it.

Any idea or can you link me up with a user group where I can post the challenge?

Note the name 'Loss Sales Stock' is the name of this syntax itself defined in the analysis manger; while the other measures are QoH and arws. the dimesions is products

-- restrict this calculation to LEAF (lowest level) items - ie sku

iif( isleaf([products].currentmember),

-- show only items with qoh less than arws


-- for non-leaf items, sum the results of the previous calculation

sum([products].currentmember.children ,[Loss Sales Stock]) )

I will appreciate response please.

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