Getting Multiple Items From Pivotable

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Bob Phillips
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Getting Multiple Items From Pivotable

Post by Bob Phillips » Tue Dec 29, 2009 11:39 pm


I have a pivotable connected to an AS OLAP cube, and it consists of 3 page fields.

When the first of these fields has a multiple selection, I want to be able to get an array of those selected items, in VBA in Excel 2007.

I know that I can use CUBESET, CUBESETCOUNT and CUBERANKEDMEMBER functions to see the selected items, but I was wanting to get at it through the object model.

I have looked at CurrentPageList and VisibleItemsList, but they both return an application error when there is a multiple select.

Anyone know how to do it?



[Windows XP Pro SP3, SQL Server 2008, Excel 2007 SP2]

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