PALO & R (forecasting, statistics)

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Henk Scholten
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PALO & R (forecasting, statistics)

Post by Henk Scholten » Wed Jul 30, 2008 8:32 am

It is easy to connect PALO to the statistical package R, using rJava connect for R and Groovy scripting.
Now we finally have proper forecasting and as a bonus great statistical support in the PALO environment.
Using Groovy and Grails, web publishing of your wildest dream statistical graphics are now within reach.

As 'endorsement' InformationBuilders just sent out a press release that they have integrated R under the name Rstat in their Webfocus product.

Forecasting with R:
UseR 2008 conference:


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John Hobson
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Re: PALO & R (forecasting, statistics)

Post by John Hobson » Thu Jul 31, 2008 6:06 am

Hi Henk

Given that much statistical calculation uses max and min at some point, how do we get past the fact that Palo like TM1 does not seem to have a max or min function?

Is this addressed somehow?
John Hobson
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Henk Scholten
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Re: PALO & R (forecasting, statistics)

Post by Henk Scholten » Thu Jul 31, 2008 8:42 am

Hi John,

The calculation is done by R.
R is loaded with the (time series) data from PALO and will return the requested forecast series to PALO.
PALO and R are connected through a Groovy/JAVA script.
Forecasting with the R forecasting package goes far beyond what I believe one can do with TM1/PALO/etc
I believe that providing the forecasting quality R offers with PALO calculations will take more than reasonable effort, if possible at all.
For instance based on the time series data, a specific forecasting calculation can automatically be used.

The time series calculation obviously is only a part of a real forecasting solution.
I think the combination PALO+R is great to implement real forecasting.

Beyond forecasting, the calculation and visualisation options the PALO-R connection opens up are great.
The R community provides a whole lot of statistical functions that come free and that are tested.


Henk Scholten

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