Happy birthday to us...

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Happy birthday to us...

Post by Alan Kirk » Mon May 10, 2010 9:08 am

If you'll pardon a moment of self indulgence...

My hitting of the [Submit] button marks two years to the minute since Martin first kicked over the generator on OLAP Forums, doing so by creating the very first forum login account.

In the interim we've seen over 10,000 posts in the Cognos TM1 forum... rather less than we would have liked in the others, but still a steady and healthy growth in membership numbers.

Some regulars from the Applix days have sadly moved on, some to other jobs, some just became too busy to participate... but some new regulars have taken their place and the door is always open for them to return, and others to join.

(Except, of course, for spammers who will generally find a shotgun on the other side of it.)

Accordingly, and this may take a little imagination, consider the forums decked with virtual streamers, and a punch bowl located in.... eh, let's say the MSAS forum, unfortunately there's plenty of room for it there, and a DJ pumping out virtual music.

It's probably a good time to give a general thanks to everyone who participates in these forums; both the ones who seek new knowledge, and the ones who pass it on.

In short, to the entire OLAP community.

Party on!

(To the extent that discussing malfunctioning action buttons or MDX syntax is a "party", but as I said some imagination is required.)
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