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And the gameplay is probably better than the real one...

Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2015 7:52 pm
by Alan Kirk
{Subtle dramatic music...}

"Build an empire..."

{Building dramatic music...}

Post your knowledge...

{Still more building dramatic music...}

Help TM1 users the world over...

{Dramatic music reaches a crescendo...}

Jim City 3000.

3000 posts.

No Limit.

Coming soon, to a cinema near you...
JimCity3000A.jpg (196.59 KiB) Viewed 4529 times
Congratulations on hitting 3000 value laden posts to Jim Wood. Well done.

(PS: It's just a pity that your 3000th post was about losing your data directory but sadly life can be like that, then you die and all that.)

(PPS: The thread title is probably unfair on Sim City 3000. Unlike the current abomination that trashes 25 years of goodwill that Maxis slowly built up, and which EA tore down in a single version. But I couldn't resist the title tie-in.)

Re: And the gameplay is probably better than the real one...

Posted: Fri Aug 14, 2015 11:55 am
by jim wood
Many thanks Alan. I just hope some of the posts have helped somebody somewhere. I don't get time to post as much as I'd like, otherwise I'd have got here sooner.

Start the music in 30 seconds........

I'd like to thank the admin group for trusting me with their company. I'd like to thank the MVP's for their quality posts. They're in that group for a very good reason. But finally and most importantly I'd like to thank the community as a whole. While I'd like to think I've helped people out somewhere along the line, I know for a fact that they have helped me. Nobody knows everything, not even close. We keep learning every day.

Here's to beating Lotsaram to 4000. :twisted:


PS. No worries on the Sim City 3000 link.
PPS. Like Sim City, my post quality from here is only going to get worse. You've been warned!! :D