Project Management Qualification

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Project Management Qualification

Post by conflax » Tue May 20, 2014 1:15 pm

Hi all,

I was just wondering what the general opinion is on the most appropriate project management qualification for systems change projects? Not necessarily TM1 specifically - what, if any, do other forum posters have? What, if any, are considered the most useful / effective/ marketable / commercially viable ?

I have the opportunity to take a training course and not sure of the pro's and con's of PRINCE2, Agile, SIx Sigma, Scrum etc.

Advice/thoughts appreciated


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Re: Project Management Qualification

Post by RussSilva » Wed Sep 03, 2014 10:39 am

It is much easier to take the PMBOK tools and techniques and implement directly into your projects in a supplier context. PRINCE2 however does a better job of risk identification and management techniques with the various response options and planning. There are also pros and cons about the accreditation methods. PRINCE2 is often criticised for allowing potential non-practitioners to get certified because of its examination only method. In order to get a PMP accreditation, you have to go through a significant effort to prove hours under the belt. That is a good idea. But you have to accumulate Professional Development Units (PDU) to stay current. I have seen plenty of mickey mouse outfits dispensing PDUs like confetti to have any meaning to these.
PRINCE2 also ensures that improvements can be made in the organization. This is because you would be able to identify any flaws that you make in projects and correct, which of course would help you to a great extent in the long run.

The flexibility of PRINCE2 allows these changes to be made run-time. Although there can be some implications and issues to the project schedule when certain changes are done run-time, PRINCE2 offers some of the best practices to minimize the impact.

When it comes to disadvantages, PRNCE2 does not offer the level of flexibility offered by some of the modern project management methodologies. Since project management, especially in software industry, has grown to a different level, PRINCE2 may find difficulties in catering some of the modern project management needs.

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