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Tm1 Application Tab security? Friday Rant

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2013 3:08 am
by stex2727
I can get around my problem with a combination of cube, application and dimension security but why is this so hard?

I want several types of views for looking at the same cube for data entry and depending on their user group I'd like to determine which tab shows in the eventual application. A simple example would be a cost centre manager with 5 staff sees a pretty websheet while a call centre manager sees a cube view so it is easier to copy and paste data high level executives who only want to see a radial/donut gauge of the same data.

Why cant we assign security to the tabs in TM1 applications? Or if you can let me know where it is hiding and why cant I find it in one of the 15 seperate help files?


a bit grumpy on a Friday afternoon after reading an IBM help file on Websheet security that said

"In order to hide the tab for that workbook in TM1 Applications from those user groups which should have no access to it, the }tp_everyone group should be granted None access to the workbook. This can be done in TM1 Server Explorer, right-click on the Application at the correct level and choose security. Highlight the workbook in question and click None for }tp_everyone. Right-click on the server name and Refresh Security"

the correct level being the parent of the websheet you want to change security for and not the websheet.