TM1RPTVIEW unique_id

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TM1RPTVIEW unique_id

Post by nicola531 » Wed Jan 12, 2011 6:44 pm

Hello everybody,

I've got a problem with TM1RPTVIEW and unique_id.

I've not understood the way of working of unique_id in RPTVIEW and RPTROW.

So far from now I've understood that in I use a RPTVIEW in one RPTROW I can't use the view elsewhere. Is my thought correct?

Because of this I create a brandnew RPTVIEW with the same page and I use it with another RPTROW.
The thing is that when I try to create an RPTVIEW and I assign it a new unique_id I cannot find a suitable unique_id. I read that I should write the the sequential number. But this is not working. For instance if the first RPTVIEW has a unique_id:1 a use 2 for the second one.

Can gently anyone explain me the use of unique_id?

Thanks a lot in advance,


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Re: TM1RPTVIEW unique_id

Post by aklante » Thu Jan 13, 2011 3:04 am

Could you be more specific about what it is that you are trying to do? Eg if you are trying to get 2 active forms on the same sheet then someone might be able to tell you the best way to do it, which would avoid the problems you are encountering. I suspect that most problems would be avoided by building each active form on separate sheets and moving them to the same sheet later.

The unique ID should just be a different number for each active form. I have noticed that TM1 will create a named range in the form of "TM1RPTDATARNG" + unique_id, which wouldn't work if each active form had the same unique ID. And yes, you would need a new TM1RPTVIEW for each active form. Also make sure that all of the formulae in the second active form refer to the second TM1RPTVIEW formula and not the first one, including DBRW formulae.

When you say it doesn't work, what does it do? Does it return an error message? Does it return blank values? Does it return the wrong values?

PS, I don't think you are using TM1 version 9.0 anymore!

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