DBS formula to Sandbox vs TM1 9.5

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DBS formula to Sandbox vs TM1 9.5

Post by FARGEADX » Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:19 am

I am trying to find a way to use Excel template and DBS formulas to send data to a cube in one of the Sandbox created in the cube
Is there a way to use DBS and specify the sandbox ?
I can see that the opposite is working when sending a view to Excel using slice function
this slice file allow to update the sandbox using the DBRW formula and submitting data (color coding when data is entered showing this is a Sandbox data update)
So there is probably something that tell TM1 if this is Sandbox or Base related
Any idea on what to do to write the correct DBS formula ?

TM1 9.5
Excel 2003

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