CellPutProportionalSpread Error

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CellPutProportionalSpread Error

Post by Alan Kirk » Wed Mar 17, 2010 2:06 am

I thought I'd add this into the Forum in case anyone else ends up searching for it.

It appears that the Applix programmers in their wisdom introduced a change in the behaviour of the TI CellPutProportionalSpread function somewhere between 8.2 and 9.0.

In 8.2.12, if you do a CellPutProportionalSpread of 0 into an area of the cube which is already zero, nothing happens. Everything just chugs along nicely. (And before anyone asks "why?", it's not always 0. But since spreading 0 would (or should) get you 0 anyway, I didn't see the need to burn up a processor cycle doing (what should be) a completely redundant IF test to handle something that might happen every so often or so.)

But by 9.0, someone had come up with a really bright idea. Spread zero into an area which is already zero and you get... an error log!
Error with spreading, error type unknown = 191
Brilliance! Genius! Inspirational! You have a situation that does no harm at all, but rather than leave it as it is, rather than having TI simply say "you beauty, nothing to do here, makes my life easier", no, "improve" matters by cluttering up the log file directory with bogus and irrelevant error messages. Not to mention wasting our time while we try to figure out what this reported "error" is all about.

It's almost as good as the way you get an error when you try to create a string > 255 characters, while ol' 8.2.12 would just ignore it and leave the string as it was.

Pointless errors. Gotta love 'em.
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Re: CellPutProportionalSpread Error

Post by Emixam » Thu May 21, 2020 1:56 pm


I just had a new CellPutProportionalSpread error and there was no documentation anywhere so I'll share in case anyone else ends up searching for it.
Error: Data procedure line (44): Error with spreading, error type unknown = 184
You will get an error if you try to use CellPutProportionalSpread when there is a Hold on a cell (i.g., Hold Consolidate). Unlike Error Type = 191, this error will make your Spread fail.

I'm using PA 2.0.8

Have a good day !
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