cube FEEDERS issue

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cube FEEDERS issue

Post by nicola531 » Fri Jan 15, 2010 2:48 pm

Hello everybody,

i have an issue with FEEDERS but probably because I haven't understood their proper use.

I have a first cube CUBEA (Dimension1 , Dimension 2, Dimension 3)

I have a second cube CUBEB (Dimension1, Dimension2, Dimension 3, Dimension 4)

The CubeB has a calculation rule in itself so the fast aggregation alogorithm turns off automatically and TM1 Server tries to aggregate all possible cross even if the is a 0 in it.
I would like to find a FEEDER in order to feed the CUBEB from CUBEA.

the CUBEA has the same values and dimension of CUBEB but the dimension 4 because the dimension 4 is from another cube, cube C and to obtain cubA I did CUBEB * CubeC

I don't know how to set a FEEDER rule in CUBE A for all the CUBE B because I don't know what to put in the dimension 4 (I should put a specific value but I what the feeder work for the whole cube)

Is there a way to do it? Is the right way to use SKIPCHEKCS and FEEDERS?

Thanks in advance


David Usherwood
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Re: cube FEEDERS issue

Post by David Usherwood » Sat Jan 16, 2010 9:08 am

You need to have a total element in Dimension 4 - create one if you don't already have one, then feed to it eg
(in cube A)
[....] =>
DB('CubeB',!Dimension 1,!Dimension 2,!Dimension 3,'Dimension 4 All Elements')

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Re: cube FEEDERS issue

Post by nicola531 » Sun Jan 17, 2010 5:16 pm


thanks for your reply but I'm not sure I got the point.
I mean, I have in Cube B a Dimension 4 tot element and I tried to feed from Cube A to Cube B as you showed me.
It doesn't work, in fact when I go and see the aggregation result doesn't appeare anything at all e in if I go and see the leaf elements there are the vaules.
So it means that the SKIPCHECK in CUBE B is working but the FEEDER in CUBE A not.
I thought that this is maybe because the Cube A only try to feed the Total element and not each element of the Dimension 4. is it?
I should feed all the elements.

Thanks in advance for you reply.

Bye Nicola

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Re: cube FEEDERS issue

Post by Jessy » Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:59 am

Coming across with similar problems.
Waiting for more suggestions

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Steve Rowe
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Re: cube FEEDERS issue

Post by Steve Rowe » Tue Mar 02, 2010 10:52 am

Hi Jessy,

You might want to post more detail about what you are trying to do. Basically if you are feeding from a cube with fewer dimensions than the destination cube then you have to make an explicit reference for the extra dimension(s).
Cube A - Dim1, Dim2 and Dim3
Cube B - Dim1, Dim2, Dim3 and Dim4.
In general there are three different ways of feeding from A to B

#Feed a single element in Cube B Dim2
[]=>Db(CubeB, !Dim1, !Dim2, !Dim3, 'An N Level in Dim4');
#Feed a group or all of the elements in Dim4
[]=>Db(CubeB, !Dim1, !Dim2, !Dim3, 'A C Level containing all the elements you want to feed in Dim4');
#Feed where there is a dependency between Dim1 and Dim4 (for example).
[]=>Db(CubeB, !Dim1, !Dim2, !Dim3, Attrs('Dim1', !Dim1, 'Reference to an N or C level element in Dim4'));


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