System crashes with user waiting on themselves

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System crashes with user waiting on themselves

Post by jed » Thu Aug 19, 2021 4:53 am

We have had 5 tm1 service crashes in the last 3 weeks. In all instances the monitoring (we use Pulse) shows a user stuck in a loop with a thread that is waiting on themselves. The threads can not be terminated (using pulse) and the user session cannot be killed. It can happen with a session in perspectives or TM1Web. There have been no system changes prior to this...

We had a similar issue last year with the beginning of covid lockdown and everyone working remotely (VPN) the time we upgraded and the issue went away so we assumed that the upgrade fixed it. At the same time though we returned to working from the office....

Now the issue is occurring again and once again we are all working remotely in Australia. We are on PA and thinking to upgrade to to see if it improves. That said, next week most of use will return to working in the office again.

Has anyone encountered something similar? Coincidence that all working remotely or could there be some communication lag that is causing this?

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