Quick Report Refresh after Action Button Run

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John Hammond
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Quick Report Refresh after Action Button Run

Post by John Hammond » Thu Jun 03, 2021 6:00 pm

There's a bug in PAX in that None of the action button requests to Auto Recalc or Rebuild does anything to Quick Reports.

I have this piece of code that works by intercepting the call to PAX's action button handler and putting in a call to the API at the end.

The enableevents code is essential to getting this to work. However I have a problem with the action button code in that it does not seems to return a different value according to whether you did not confirm to execute it, executed it successfully or executed it with an error. In all 3 cases msgbox x returns "OK".

In my example I ask if the user has committed his changes and if not the worksheet_refresh happens regardless and so his changes get lost.

' MsgBox Err.Number
' MsgBox Err.Description
' Validate
Public Sub ExecuteAction_ebbe0d00_303c_49ee_a406_a1a72e837acf()
On Error Resume Next
Application.EnableEvents = False ' => disable events
x = Application.Run("ExecuteActionButton", "ebbe0d00_303c_49ee_a406_a1a72e837acf")
MsgBox x
Application.EnableEvents = True ' => enable events
Call Worksheet_Refresh

End Sub

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this or is on a higher version of PAX/PAW than me where this is fixed? (I'm on PAX 2.0.57)

Thanks in advance.

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