log4j logger doesnt log Timeouts?

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log4j logger doesnt log Timeouts?

Post by Aerouge » Tue Feb 23, 2021 4:51 pm

Hy guys,

I am currently trying to monitor the amount of concurrent users in our system (I need this system to optimize our Batch and Patch timeframes for when there´s no one online).

I am currently logging via the method described here:


And the Logfile looks good. My only problem: According to the Logger we currently have 84 logged in clients, while TM1 only lists 10. So apparently the logger doesnt seem to log everything :-/

My current guess is that people closing the clients without logging out and people kicked by session-timeout dont show up in the logfile as I only see 2 logout-events during the entire day. Upon further testing... closing the architect does create a logout event. Maybe it´s Perspectives that doesnt create them?

Anyway ... Is there a way to add all events (Session closed by timeout etc.) to the logger?

My current config of the tm1s-log.properties is:

log4j.appender.USR.MaxFileSize=100 MB
log4j.logger.TM1.Login=DEBUG, USR

Any help is appreciated, as I tried google, IBM-Knowledgecenter and Forum-search, but apparently this is a rather niche topic.


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