TM1 Web picklist value copied from Excel

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TM1 Web picklist value copied from Excel

Post by n.santini » Tue Nov 24, 2020 4:18 pm

Hi everyone,

I'll try to keep it short and straight forward.

I have a websheet with a cell that contains a DBRW function, pointing to a TM1 cube which has a }PickList cube under it.
That means the cell is a picklist containing a bunch of values pre-defined by a rule.

I have noticed that it is possible to copy a value from an external source (e.g. Excel), and paste it in the cell mentioned above even if the value is not valid in the picklist. This will show the wrong value in the picklist as green text, and as soon as I recalculate the sheet the input value goes away and the cell value goes back to what it was before pasting.

Now, the problem is that in my websheet, for that picklist cell, I use a default value which is valid. If someone pastes an invalid value, he will see that it got pasted and try to validate by pressing a button that runs a TI process (which MUST recalculate the sheet before running it).

The validation will go through because the invalid value, during the sheet recalculation, will go back to the default valid value and then the process under the button runs, tricking the user who performed the whole action to believe that his pasted value went through, but actually switched back to the default one and only then ran the process.

Do you think there's a way to recognize that invalid value coming from an outside source and notify the user somehow?
Unfortunately changing the default value to blank is not an option. I noticed that the wrong value shows in the web sheet but actually never writes in the TM1 cube, so rule/process can't be used because it can't catch that input.

Thanks a lot

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