TM1 Web , Commit data entry and run a TI

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TM1 Web , Commit data entry and run a TI

Post by Steve Rowe » Tue Sep 15, 2020 3:08 pm


Wrestling with TM1 Web published through PAW and getting consistent behaviour.

Use Case:
User enters data into custom report.
User runs TI with Recalculation before and after the TI runs turned on.
TI runs taking into account the data that has just been committed in the calculation pass that takes place before the TI runs.

This seems to work fine in my simple 4 cell test case.

When I scale this up to full size it doesn't work anymore.
My best guess of what is going on is that the initial recalc is not completing before the TI process is being launched.
or I am suffering from some kind of defect as I'm pretty sure I had all this working previously, (i.e. previously raised as a defect by customer and behaviour corrected by adding in the calc prior to execution).

Any ideas on any cfgs / tweaks that can be applied?
Workbooks are being published from Pafe with calc on automatic.
I can't see a cfg to commit on data entry, though not sure it would be practical...

TIA for any pointers

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Re: TM1 Web , Commit data entry and run a TI

Post by bgregs » Fri Sep 25, 2020 3:01 pm

Hi Steve,

Not quite the same scenario, but I had something somewhat similar where I needed to have an active form take into account a variable (drop down driven) MDX subset prior to returning data - all in the same sheet on a single button click event.

What ended up working for me was to set recalc before and after (like you have already), and then also load in a copy of the websheet (check the "match title elements" and "replace current workbook" options, then set the calculation mode to either rebuild or recalc). It's messy, but the way I understood it was: Recalc fires > Websheet loads a copy of itself, which fires it's own recalc after data was processed by the TI (or MDX) > "double recalc'd" data is returned in what appears to be the same websheet, but is really a new copy of itself.

Again, not sure if that's what you're after, but it sounded somewhat similar. Aside from what you've already tried, that's the extent of my knowledge on workarounds.

For what it's worth, I was able to dig up an old post I made about it that goes into more detail. Hopefully it's useful!


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