Monitor usage of sandboxes

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Monitor usage of sandboxes

Post by Boas » Mon Sep 07, 2020 1:28 pm

Hello everybody,

in our system we give users the possibility to work with sandboxes. My questions are: What am I able to monitor concerning sandboxes as administrator? I am especially interested in who is using how many sandboxes and their memory usage. This is also, because I have no idea if my configuration of parameter "MaximumUserSandboxSize" will be sufficient. Is there any orientation, how this configuration should be set?

I found the folder "sandboxlogs" in the model directory, but it is empty. What is this folder about? When will it contain log-files?

We use Planning Analytics 2.0.8. with PAL, TM1-Web and Perspectives.

I tried several searches at Google, but without helpful results, so I hope to find answers in this forum.
Thanks for any response!

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