PAX/PAW vs Other Planning Tools

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Thurston Howell III
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PAX/PAW vs Other Planning Tools

Post by Thurston Howell III » Mon Aug 24, 2020 10:00 pm

We are an SAP (S4 HANA) shop that runs TM1 2.0.8 for our consolidations, reporting, and planning. We have been on TM1 in various versions for ten years and generally like the product. We may be upgrading to PAX and PAW next year to replace Perspectives and TM1 Web, but I wanted to know if anyone has current experience using similar OLAP/planning products.

We are familiar with BPC and aren't fond of its inflexibility. Things we do like about TM1 are the ability to:
  • Have multiple models feeding each other (KPIs, Compensation model etc)
  • Allow large numbers of end users to work simultaneously (very important during our budget season)
  • Integrate new data and pick up feeds from new systems with ease (we do a lot of acquisitions)
  • Ability to maintain the product in house with little consulting or outside help
  • Create and run TI processes easily[/list[

    We aren't too fond of certain things in PAX, like the disappearance of a searchable transaction log or the clunky ISB-like viewer, but I'd like to see what others think about it compared to other products.

    Does anyone have experience with SAP Analytics Cloud?

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