Text Extracts Decimal Issue

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Text Extracts Decimal Issue

Post by chewza » Thu Jul 16, 2020 7:13 am

Hi Guys

Really hoping you can help here. Am busy with Tm1 upgrade and have hit a big snag with text file extracts.

The upgrade involves new servers (moving from Windows 2008 to Windows 2016) and the latest version of Tm1 (tm1_winx64h_2.0.91.41_ml(1).tar.gz – which is fixpack released end April).

So on the new server, the extracts are run by chores, and coming through with a comma for decimal extracts. If I right click and run the chore, it works fine (uses point for decimal), but if it runs as a scheduled task it still uses a comma.
So my regional settings are set correctly (and use point for decimals) - so suspected that the issue was local systems account settings. However if I set the Tm1 services (Admin service as well as the model) to run under my account it still extracts with commas when the chore is scheduled and run.
The obvious solution is to specify the ascii delimiter in the TI, but this is an upgrade, and there are too many Tis to go through and change. So not sure if this is related to windows, or is a function of the latest version of Tm1 which now might always require the asiidelimiter to be specified.

Would appreciate any ideas!


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