PAW Data Handling Help Needed

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PAW Data Handling Help Needed

Post by manu0521 » Tue May 19, 2020 5:32 pm

Hi ,

I have a Pax data entry sheet where i enter details and submit a lease information . This gets loaded in paw and user enters details , the entered details are validated ina ti and dimension is updated with information.

There is a second sheet where its reviewed showing the lease information with approve or correct with comments.

Now when the lease is set to correct , user has to resubmit some information .

So I am having issue with lease correction sheet .

Here I have a picklist with set of leases that has to be corrected and two columns the first one showing the current value and another column showing the new value .

The current value column is locked with dbra on it and new value column has just data entries .

two issues here

1) there is a date column which has format in excel cell as mm/dd/yy which shows up as date picker in paw and doesnot allow to show blank ,once we select some dates on the picker .
2) When i change the lease from the picklist , the second column is not resetted with values that were entered for first lease ( I used to clear using vb macro in pax on ombo value change , but thats not working in paw as macros are not supported)

My second issue is important for me to proceed further .

Instead of having second value columns as entry cells , if i have it as DBRA ,then it will be difficult for me to validate as they can write anything .

so its like on click on the lease correction button i have to clear the cells of the 2nd column for new values os that user can enter a new changed value for the next lease from picklist.

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