Cell Security vs Global Security Overlays

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Cell Security vs Global Security Overlays

Post by gtonkin » Fri May 08, 2020 3:42 pm

I am looking at possibly changing how we apply locking to some of our planning models.

In a typical model we have Scenarios which may be Actuals, Rolling Forecast (live planning) or other static versions.

Actuals would be locked for users (Groups based) and possibly open for Custodians (Group based) in some rare cases.
The static versions are made via TI at a point in time and should be read-only for all users (admin excluded). Currently Cell security is used to apply this.

During the planning cycle we would want to allow locking and opening for Users and Custodians but only on the Rolling Forecast (live planning).
This is currently performed using cell security and various rules/TI to control Read or Write in then cell security cube.

My thinking was to create a }SecurityOverlayGlobal cube for each cube where we need to control access and essentially create these cubes with only the Scenario dimension being relevant i.e overlay cube would essentially have Scenario and }SecurityOverlay.

I could use TI to lock my Actuals and static versions e.g. SecurityOverlayGlobalLockNode(0|1,'GL','Rolling Forecast');

The Cell security rules could still apply to Rolling Forecast (live versions) and in rare case Actuals but static versions could be removed from any rules or TI updates.

This would seem like good practice but would like to hear back if anyone has done and has lessons learned - both positive and negative.

Thanks in advance.

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