PAfE Action Button Trust Settings

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PAfE Action Button Trust Settings

Post by Ajay » Mon May 04, 2020 2:32 pm

Hi All

I am looking for a little assistance.

We are in the infancy of our uprade from TM1 10.2 to PA. We have a proof of concept server up, with PAW 2.0.47 and have PAfE 2.0.52 installed.

I've tried to create new reports, but fall short at adding "Action" buttons. Documentation from IBM says that we need to "Enable Trust Access to the VBA Project" in the macro settings. This is interesting as looking at our TM1 Perpsectives machines I can see that this is not enabled, but we can still create the buttons.

After some investigation the organisations global policy is to not enable this setting. I imagine a flurry of emails citing the documentation from IBM as now being required to get access, but has anyone else come across this hurdle and are there any workarounds ? Did you encounter similar challenges and how were you able to overcome them ?

Sorry for the somewhat open ended post.


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