PAW Installation and McAfee

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PAW Installation and McAfee

Post by Ajay » Sat Jan 25, 2020 11:24 am

Hi All

We're in the process of moving from TM1 10.2 to PA 2.0.9, and we're looking for a bit of assistance.

We have installed PA, and have got the web piece working, and can log in via Architect, but have hit an issue whilst installing PAW, which I am certain must have been encountered before by others upgrading.

We are running PA on-prem and our servers are running McAfee Endpoint anti-virus. We are getting the following error message with respect to containers:

“IBM Planning Analytics Workspace Administration

Checking your system for common problems with Docker on Windows
Verifying version is Windows Server 2016 LTSC

Looking for unsupported anti-virus software

McAfee anti-virus is running. McAfee does not support Windows containers
See ... id=KB90041
Run Start.ps1 again to revalidate your system after resolving the identified issues.“

Can we simply disable the anti-virus, continue the installation, and then switch the anti-virus back on again ? or do we need to do something different ?

Help greatly appreciated.

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