Tm1 Datasource for Longview Analytics

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Tm1 Datasource for Longview Analytics

Post by kavitha2002 » Wed Nov 27, 2019 3:35 pm

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to set SSO for Longview analytics.

Longview webserver - IIS.

To make it more clear on Longview Analytics, there a 2 clients

1. Long view Analytics Designer
2. Long view Web Client.

Till now I did the below steps:
Installed Cognos Analytics
Architect/Perspectives working with mode 5
Using ‘CAMNAMESPACE’, now I can able to login with windows credentials in both Designer and Web client in Longview.

As a try, give static 'campassport', it works in Longview Designer. But its not working in Web client.

After several attempts, I assume that 'CAM_PASSPORT' should be defined as Server-Variable in IIS. So that it can read by a function in Longview Analytics.

But absolutly no idea on how to set 'CAM_PASSPORT' of CA as Server-Variable in IIS.

Anyone has an idea on settig up Server-Variable in IIS? Is it right way of doing? Kindly share. Thanks

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