download to excel from Sql drill through

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download to excel from Sql drill through

Post by mnasra » Wed Nov 06, 2019 3:30 pm

Hi Experts,

I have a strange error.
I have a drill through process that goes down to a relational database 'ugly' SQL query screen.
One of the columns is the Invoice Reference that is alpha numeric.

When I download to Excel (Snapshot) -
If the reference has any ALPHA caracter it downloads it perfectly
if the reference is only numeric, it downloads it as numeric (good enough)

if the reference has a dash ('-') it cuts completely the dash and the caracters after it:
so invoice number 4543-23 is downloaded as 4543
But if the invoice number is 4543-ww1234 It downloads it perfectly.

Ah, the pleasure of dealing with excel!
Thank you all

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