PAx API v TM1 10.2 VBA

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PAx API v TM1 10.2 VBA

Post by Ajay » Sun Oct 27, 2019 11:39 am

We are presently planning our upgrade from TM1 10.2 upto PA 2.0.8

We have four instances that will move up and for three of them we foresee few issues.

However, one of them is a very old legacy instance, heavily VBA based, to the extent that none of the standard TM1 tools, like Server Explorer, subset editor etc aren't even exposed to the end user. The key TM1 functions are run as VBA buttons on a customised Excel toolbar.

IBM have told us that TM1 VBA functions will not work in PAx, and having done some rudimentary testing we can see that normal excel VBA will work but the TM1 related ones don’t.

Even the standard commands below wont action

Application.Run "TM1Refresh"
Application.Run "TM1RECALC1"

Has anyone successfully used the new PAx API commands to do these functions ? and what problems have been encountered using other PAx API commands ?

Are there certain things to watch out for ?

Would we simply copy the following into our VBA where the above commands are, or do we need to do something else:

Reporting.DynamicReports.GetAt().Item(<Dynamic Report ID>).Refresh

Thanks in advance
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