Create elements based on a cubeview

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Create elements based on a cubeview

Post by Rtel » Fri Oct 04, 2019 2:27 pm

I am writing a TI to add a new element from a data source (a cube view)

CUBE Name – CubeA
1) Counter (1,2,3,4,5…)
2) ElementDetails ( DimName, Element, ParentElement, ChildElement, Attr1_Name, Att1_Value, …AttrN_Name, AttN_Value)

When I passed view of a view of CubeA as data source, I get only one element of ElementDetails dimension as a data source and in next pass of Metadata I get next element detail.
For eg
First pass – I get DimName
Second pass – I get EL_Name
Third pass – I get EL_Parent_Name

But I need all the elements details in one pass of metadata. so that I can create that element in right location and also add value to all of its attributes.

Please advise


sample of ASCIIOUTPUT from metadata

"Dimension", "Account","10-04-27","9:20"
"ParentElement", "123","10-04-27","9:20"
"Element", "123.1","10-04-27","9:20"
"ChildElement", "123.11","10-04-27","9:20"
"Att1_name", "Att1","10-04-27","9:20"
"Att1_Value", "1","10-04-27","9:20"
"Att2_name", "Att2","10-04-27","9:20"
"Att2_Value", "2","10-04-27","9:20"
"Model", "MyModel","10-04-27","9:20"
"Dimension", "Account","10-04-27","9:20"
"ParentElement", "345","10-04-27","9:20"
"Element", "345.1","10-04-27","9:20"
"ChildElement", "345.11","10-04-27","9:20"
"Att1_name", "Att1","10-04-27","9:20"
"Att1_Value", "12","10-04-27","9:20"
"Att2_name", "Att2","10-04-27","9:20"
"Att2_Value", "22","10-04-27","9:20"
"Model", "MyModel","10-04-27","9:20"
"Dimension", "Account_Oracle","10-04-27","9:20"
"ParentElement", "678","10-04-27","9:20"
"Element", "678.1","10-04-27","9:20"
"ChildElement", "678.11","10-04-27","9:20"
"Att1_name", "Att1","10-04-27","9:20"
"Att1_Value", "33","10-04-27","9:20"
"Att2_name", "Att2","10-04-27","9:20"
"Att2_Value", "44","10-04-27","9:20"
"Model", "MyModel","10-04-27","9:20"

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Re: Create elements based on a cubeview

Post by Steve Rowe » Fri Oct 04, 2019 3:33 pm

You need to limit your datasource to just the element name and then use CellGetS to ElementDetails to lookup the other values you are after.

i.e. Row 1 of your DS
"Dimension", "Account","10-04-27"
sParentElement= CellGetS ( 'ElementDetails' , vDimension , vAccount ,'ParentElement');

I's not clear from your post what the dimensionality of "ElementDetails" is.

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Re: Create elements based on a cubeview

Post by tomok » Fri Oct 04, 2019 4:54 pm

When a cube view is used as a data source you get one record (line) for every intersection in the view. That's why you get separate records for DimName, Element, Parent, etc. Like Steve mentioned, if you want all of these to be in the same record you have to set up your view to pull just one of them and in your Metadata tab you add additional CellGetS formulas to pull all the remaining elements in the ElementDetails dimension. This is quite common and is the strategy to use when you want to pull all the months of the year from a cube and have them all on the same line.
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