Session Variables & RunProcess bug?

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Session Variables & RunProcess bug?

Post by PavoGa » Wed Sep 25, 2019 4:03 pm

We have found that if the value of a session variable changes during a session, any processes executed through RunProcess will use the original session variable value setting. The value changes when the client logs out and back in. All processes executed directly as part of the user's current session will use the new value. I.e. Process A runs with the new values, but sub-Process B executed by Process A through RunProcess uses the previous values.

We use a subprocess that checks the value of one of the variables and, if blank, will set the session variable values, which is what I would expect as anything executed through RunProcess is a new thread. I thought this would be treated like a new session as well with uninitiated values so therefore the session variables get set to the new values. Apparently, I am wrong.

Have not tested with TM1RunTI.
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