Data Load issue even after viewzero out

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Data Load issue even after viewzero out

Post by krithika331 » Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:46 pm


Our application has data flow, such that TM1 cubes gets loaded from datamart and then the asciioutput of the data is used again back to ETL, Datamart and then again load to TM1 cubes in subsequent pass. The issue is that Initially the data is loaded for client1 in Tm1 from datamart and then in the next load,client1 record is removed in datamart and the other client2 from source is loaded into datamart for same data scenario. But Tm1 is still holding both client1 and client2 records in cube. In the datamart, we have only client2 record.The Tm1 data load TI process has the Viewzeroout functionality and fetching the records from datamart. But why is Tm1 storing the history record(client 1) and also new record from datamart ? How can this be resolved?

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Re: Data Load issue even after viewzero out

Post by tomok » Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:11 pm

There is no concept of "records" in TM1. So, you are loading both passes from the datamart into the same intersections in the cube and after the second pass you have intersections left in the cube with balances that don't have records in the datamart? If that is the case your VIEWZEROOUT routine is faulty, probably because you have not configured the view properly.
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