Tm1 find the exact element in dimension/subset

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Tm1 find the exact element in dimension/subset

Post by kavitha2002 » Tue Jul 23, 2019 8:12 am

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to implement the Subset editor in our application, dimension/subset but i face problems when the elements are recursively/repetitively used.

Idea is, When user collapse an element in application, I will make a request to TI process passing the element and number(used as a counter in project) which drillUp exact element in dynamically created subset, from there I will read the next 50 elements and load.

But here the problem is how to find the exact element, can I use number. For example in subseteditor, we have 2000 elements when i say i want 1350 element, Is there a possibility of pointing it or is there any other option to achieve.


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