Communal activity - nominate your favourite FAQ

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Communal activity - nominate your favourite FAQ

Post by Alan Kirk » Mon Jul 15, 2019 5:04 am

The once-mighty FAQ thread is in desperate need of a refurbishment. Dust, cobwebs, and references to sub-versions of version 8 can be found everywhere. At present it looks like a deceased estate.

Rather than just rely on what I think should be in there, here's an opportunity for everyone to nominate topics that they think are worthy of a FAQ link in this PA2 world.

I do however beseech you to remember what the "F" stands for in FAQ. Things like MUN-based memory increases are likely to hit a lot of people. Some really obscure piece of configuration that relates to one company's environment, however interesting, not so much.

I'll pin this for 30 days initially, and will extend it to 60 if necessary. The plan is that there will be a completely new FAQ posts with the residue of the existing one (anything that is antiquated) below it.

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