Tm1 MDX Select Query

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Tm1 MDX Select Query

Post by kavitha2002 » Tue Jul 02, 2019 8:57 pm

Hello Everyone,

I want to clarify a doubt related to MDX Select query. I have a Cube in which the same elements in Row dimension has recursively represented many times in .xdi file.

To read the cube values, below query am using, it returns the wrong value of the cube because of the recursiveness I think.

{"MDX":"SELECT {([Row_dim].Members)} on 0,{([colDim].Members)} on 1 FROM [cube] Where ([titleDim1].[value],[titleDim2].[value],[titleDim3].[value],[titleDim4].[value],[titleDim5.[value]) "}

But query returns correct cube values in these two situation:
1) When row and column dimension elements has no recursive representation
2)using subset in the query works fine

Reading all the members of the Row/column returns wrong value.
Is it the behaviour of the MDX or my understanding is wrong?? Kindly clarify. Thanks.

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