TM1py supports now SSO with CAM Security

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TM1py supports now SSO with CAM Security

Post by ByronB » Wed May 29, 2019 10:07 am

Hi All,

A new version of TM1py is now available, v1.3.1. TM1py is an open source Python package that wraps the TM1 REST API in a simple-to-use library. That makes it easy to build stuff with TM1 and python.

The main enhancement in this new version is the **support for SSO with CAM Security**, to authenticate with TM1 you can now replace the **user** and **password** with the new **gateway** parameter:

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To upgrade TM1py on your server just use the following Python command:

pip install TM1py --upgrade

If you are new to Python and TM1py, a good place to start is to download the TM1py Samples:

Installing TM1py is fairly easy, just follow the steps described in this Help article: ... ling-tm1py

Happy coding!

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