Ending Balance in Period Rollup

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Ending Balance in Period Rollup

Post by ashokjb » Wed May 08, 2019 7:58 am


I have a requirement to show the Ending Balance in Quarters and Full Year instead of rollup.

For eg; I upload ending balance for Apr-19 so the Q2-19 and FY-19 should show Apr-19 balances, next month when I load May-19 balances Q2-19 and FY-19 should show May-19 data instead of rollup. Please refer to the attachment to better understand what I want to show in totals.

Please Note, I already have all months balances for 2018 so the view should display mar-18 values in Q1-18, Jun-18 values in Q2, Sep-18 values in Q3 and Dec-18 values in both Q4 and FY-18.

How can I achieve this, any suggestions?

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Re: Ending Balance in Period Rollup

Post by gtonkin » Wed May 08, 2019 9:09 am

You could look at adding an attribute to your period dimension e.g. NonCumulativePeriod and set it to the underlying month that it should read from i.e. Q1 would read from Mar. A rule could then be written to derive from the NonCumulativePeriod when the Period is at a C level.

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