Sharing a Sandbox

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Sharing a Sandbox

Post by MSidat » Tue Apr 09, 2019 9:54 am


I have been getting users asking for a while now ( a few years to be honest) if they can share their sandbox with another user, and my answer has always been "computer says no, commit the data, then roll the data back if need be"

Anyway, I have done it in the background as a test by going into the folder structure, into the users folder via the LDAP Folder in the main TM1data directory and then updating the"sandbox.namemap" file and copying the relevant sandbox folder between the users.

On the face of it seems to work fine, user logs out and logs back in again the sandbox is visible, they can select the sandbox and it comes it with the data highlighted in blue. Although on our model took a little while to load as the sandbox data was not already loaded during initial server load.

Just wondered if anyone has tried this to share a users sandbox with another user in the background and if so, whether they have found any gremlins in it. It surely cannot be this easy.
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