TM1 Subset Disappears?

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Peter Picazio
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TM1 Subset Disappears?

Post by Peter Picazio » Mon Apr 08, 2019 5:38 pm

A user has cube open and clicks on a dimension to select a subset. The subset window opens but then appears to disappear and the user cannot find it. TM1 is locked-up (user cannot do anything else) until the subset window is either closed or a member selection is made but they cannot see the subset window. How do we resolve this?

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Re: TM1 Subset Disappears?

Post by gtonkin » Mon Apr 08, 2019 6:15 pm

Could be that the window is off the viewable area of the screen.
Try using the Windows key + the arrow keys to bring it back into view - you may need to repeat directions to get it back.
This often happens after you have had another monitor connected.

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Re: TM1 Subset Disappears?

Post by macsir » Mon Apr 08, 2019 8:50 pm

I often use alt+space keys to show the little "move" menu, and then use arrow keys to bring it back to the center of the screen. :lol:
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Alan Kirk
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Re: TM1 Subset Disappears?

Post by Alan Kirk » Mon Apr 08, 2019 10:44 pm

The previous answers cover how to get around it. If you want all the ins and outs of why it happens, you'll find them here:
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