Mode 2 Vs Mode 3

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Mode 2 Vs Mode 3

Post by kavitha2002 » Wed Nov 28, 2018 10:49 am

When we use Integrated Security Mode 2 in production instead of Integrated Security Mode 3, what will the pros and cons.

Will it have any impact? Can I suggest the customer to use mode 2 because customer would like to have AD authentication.
But mode 3 need lot of configuration for tm1web and rest api to work. I am trying this side by side as well.

Mode 5 supports AD but N_Connect_CAM is not supported for connecting TM1 server explorer in my code.

Kindly suggest me its very urgent.

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Re: Mode 2 Vs Mode 3

Post by Mithun.Mistry1103 » Wed Dec 19, 2018 4:46 pm


The difference between Security mode 3 and security mode 2 is the sm3 is sso and sm2 is rso. When I tested the sm2, I would be need to sign in on architect models as well as workspace as native authenication but using the server credentials..

Sm3 will work for architect as you wont need to sign in but workspace will then start having hiccups. The way to get round that is having another connection that allows the workspace to use native anthenication. But that would be a complication which can be avoided so stick with security mode 2.


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