Two SSL certificate related questions

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Two SSL certificate related questions

Post by AskAndAnswer » Thu Nov 15, 2018 2:16 am

Hello, I hope I can get help here.

I am trying to apply custom SSL certificates to TM1 Admin server. The certificates were requested and received in three files, two of which, root and intermediate were loaded successfully, but the machine CA returned an error message "The certificate request is not in the key database". I read that it can be an issue with a database or with a certificate, so I thought I should just start over and request new ones. How do I uninstall the existing key database and the certificates that were already applied? Can I just delete all custom files from bin64?

The second question: Does swidtag file get updated when SSL certificates are applied? I tried to change the configuration for custom certificates, and when I start the service, I get an error "Error retrieving product information from swidtag file: the swidtag folder does not contain a software id tag for IBM TM1".

Your help is appreciated.

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