CAM authentication with SSL dispatcher issues

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CAM authentication with SSL dispatcher issues

Post by nameSpace » Mon Oct 01, 2018 12:32 pm

Good day

Currently we have set up a working CAM authentication on our tm1 server using "http" addresses for the dispachers in our cognos analytics 11. (both tm1 and cognos are on the same host). Now we have bought a new certificate and have setup cognos to use SSL, which is working correctly. After this We are now unable to sign into tm1 using our CAM authentication with security mode 5 as we get the error "SystemServerClientNotFound".

We have updated the ServerCAMURI and ClientCAMURI values in the tm1 config file but this didnt fix the problem. We are still able to import users into the tm1 server (from architect) but cannot login.

We also tried following this guide ... wg22000821 but with out any luck.

Is there any additional configuration that needs to be changed to resolves this issue as im not sure whats steps to take next. Any guidance will be appreciated

Kinds Regards

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