Best Practice to Upgrade TM1 10.2 to PA

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Best Practice to Upgrade TM1 10.2 to PA

Post by kenship » Wed Sep 26, 2018 3:42 pm


I have been testing upgrade from TM1 10.2 -> PA. I have been seeing a few issues.

My work flow is very simple:
1. Back up all 10.2 objects (cubes, dimensions, rules, TIs), this server has no persistent feeders.
2. Shut down PA server.
3. Put the 10.2 objects into the directory where the existing PA server already exists. This server uses persistent feeders.
4. Start the server.

Here are 2 issues I have:

1. Some input data is lost - my solution: load cube and dimension first without rules in PA. Add rules to cube one by one.
2. Some feeders not working - despite re-firing feeders, delete all rules and add it again etc. nothing works. In fact, I even tried to create a test cube with the same dimensions, add data and the feeders work. But the feeders refuse to work in the cube that I copy from 10.2.

Therefore I would like to know if there are things that I did wrong in bringing 10.2 objects into PA. Right now, it almost seems like I have to re-create all cubes, then load data into these cubes to make sure things work perfectly.

Any comment is appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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