Sandbox Manipulation (Reset/Commit)

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Sandbox Manipulation (Reset/Commit)

Post by Hector2005 » Mon Sep 24, 2018 4:05 pm

Hello everyone, Hope you are okay.

My story is that I wanna simulate the TM1 application
but I don't need approval hierarchy anymore.
because I wanna do it through a set of users not a hierarchy.

This task requested later before deploying our solution.
we are using Planning Analytics workspace and It's unacceptable
if we use TM1 application.

He asked two things:
1- Work with Planning Analytics Workspace.
2- Work with Sandbox to feel changes.

If I have a cube called production So, I make another one with an extra dimension called Users.
the first user logged in then run a process to copy the production data(First Cube) and replicate it

for all users(Second Cube)
then I have made a named sandbox called Virtual for example across all users.

My questions:

is there a way using ti process to commit the changes of the Sandbox?

is there a way using ti process to reset a sandbox?

Note: I have tried SetActiveSandbox('') but It gave me an error. '' not a sandbox.

Thanks a lot,
Best Regards.

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