TM1Web and PAW not displaying data generated by TM1RPTROW

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TM1Web and PAW not displaying data generated by TM1RPTROW

Post by yusuf.pasha » Fri Sep 07, 2018 12:08 pm

Hi All,

This is my first question in this forum. I will try to be as informative as possible after reading guidelines from Alan.

We are using Planning Analytics 2.0. There are 15 active forms(Dynamic reports) developed on cube called Managed_Expenses_Summary. This cube has 12 dimensions and the reports are working fine in PAx and TM1 web.

To meet a client requirement we created another cube Managed_Expenses_Summary_1 which is similar to the Managed_Expenses_Summary cube but with one dimension less i.e. 11 dimensions. Everything else like data,order of the dimensions,name of the dimension etc is same. We were required to repoint those 15 reports to this new cube which has one dimension less. To do this i made following change in each of the report-
1. Modified TM1RPTVIEW function by removing the TM1RPTTITLE function for the eliminated dimension
2. Removed the row where the hard code value for the eliminated dimension was present
3. Modified the DBRW formula for TM1RPTROW to remove the cell reference of elminated dimension

TM1RPTROW function uses the cost center dimension. When i rebuilt the report it works fine with all the data coming correctly. But when i publish the report to TM1web i dont see any data(rows) generated by TM1RPTROW row. I have only one row in the tm1web which is formula based and not generated by TM1RPTROW.

Can someone help me in debugging the issue?
All these reports are modified in Planning Analytics add-in and not perspectives. I tried modifying the report in Perspectives and publish but ended up with same issue.

To summarise the issue "Rows generated by TM1RPTROW which is displayed in PAx is not getting displayed in TM1WEB or PAW"Let me know if you need more information on the issue.

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Re: TM1Web and PAW not displaying data generated by TM1RPTROW

Post by Steve Rowe » Fri Sep 07, 2018 2:10 pm

There are quite a few places this could go wrong

Suggest you start by producing an active form versus the new cube from scratch that is the same as one of your edited reports.
Publish this to TM1 Web
Test if it works in TM1 Web / PAW

You should now have a lot more information about what exactly is going wrong. If it is the active form you will have a working form and a not working form to compare versus.


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