DataReservation Work Arounds

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DataReservation Work Arounds

Post by wheeler6 » Thu Jul 05, 2018 3:46 pm

Hello TM1 Gurus!

I have a TM1 Application (Contributor) where I have users entering their budgets / forecasts; however, I have a power user who prefers to use TM1Web to enter data as he has multiple saved views that he uses to make his life way easier. The issue we are having is that since data reservation on the cube is set to "REQUIREDSHARED", he has to be set as an "ADMIN" so that he can override the data reservation and enter values into TM1Web. I would like to remove his ADMIN rights, but still allow him to enter into TM1Web. Can this be done?

I have a similar situation with an other user where she has or own much more detailed model and uses a TI process to load data into the TM1 Application. Again, because of her security rights (non admin), the process will not write to the cube. I have been manually running it for her. Is there a work around for this?

Thank you!

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